Empower Data

Agility and technological innovation to discover new ways to generate value

Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to create a new generation of business solutions. Orchestration of complex processes through Blockchain technologies.

Advanced analytics

We streamline decision making through the construction of mathematical models that allow us to find patterns and predict business phenomena.

Artificial Intelligence

We promote the growth of your company by creating solutions that simulate human skills such as listening, observing, reasoning and learning.


We ensure information and monitoring of your company's data through digital processes and a decentralized, secure and immutable network.

Our Process

We incorporate a Digital Transformation model through Innovation and Agile Development methodologies to achieve a fast and forceful impact.

Success stories

Blanca Cervantes
Visionaria Games
“Empower Data developed a technological platform in which VG has integrated its gamified educational components so that thousands of educators live a playful and fun experience.”
Enrique Parra
“Empower Data developed a cognitive solution that helps to streamline an audit process, through word search.”
Paola Ontiveros
Mediacion Digital
“Mediación Digital helped me create more mediations and digitize my process efficiently.”